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Vulcanizing Tools And Machinery

Vulcanizing presses for splicing conveyor belts, up to 2400mm in width – repairing of longitudinal rips – spot repairing – Vulcanizing tools and accessories

Belt Related Materials

Our company provides a wide range of belt related products which are necessary for the installation as well as the maintenance of our conveyor belts.

Steelcord belts

The belt carcass consists of zinc galvanized steel cords covered by bonding rubber, which penetrates and adheres to the cords, providing corrosion resistance and excellent adhesions.

Textile Conveyor Belts

The “classic” conveyor belt with use in every industrial sector, suitable for a wide range of applications.

Reinforced Belts

In order to increase the impact and cuts resistance, an extra breaker or metal layer reinforces the conveyor belt.